Apex Legends smoke glitch is a game breaker

A newly discovered Apex Legends exploit has been called game-breaking.

Former Overwatch pro player Lucas “Mendokusaii” Hakansson, who recently broke Apex’s solo kill record, recently uploaded a video to YouTube explaining how smoke can be taken out of the game by simply manipulating some game files.

Smoke is an integral part of Bangalore’s kit, as her tactical ability “Smoke Launcher” releases a wave of thick smoke that cannot be seen through. The gray smoke can be used both offensively and defensively against enemy teams, allowing players to change their positioning or escape.

Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher has two charges, as noted on the right side of the ability icon. Since two can be used at once, the smoke grenades are often used to block off two sides of a chokepoint, allowing Bangalore and her team to heal, hide, or prepare for combat. Without smoke, Bangalore’s main ability is rendered useless, which is why the exploit is such a concern to players.

“This is one of the most game-breaking glitches to date. This is broken,” Mendokusaii said.

The pro player said he created the video as a way to get developer Respawn Entertainment’s attention after attempting to contact them directly. His message to Respawn also included a list of cheaters and aimbotters he’s come across.

In the video, Mendokusaii noted that other game-breaking glitches he’s discovered have been patched in a number of days, leading him to believe the developers are keeping an eye on the competitive Apex Legends scene.

“It’d be nice to have a contact person so I can get these broken things patched, like infinite flying and no smoke,” Mendokusaii said. “I know for a fact this is being used by some competitive players. I’m just trying to make sure the competitive community can remain competitive.”  

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