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More Valorant lore is coming in Episode 2 next year

Valorant fans will finally find out more about the story behind their favorite agents in Episode 2. 

Creative director David Nottingham recently revealed that Valorant developers are going to start diving into the world behind Riot's tactical shooter in 2021. Episode 2 won't only introduce players to new maps and agents, but also the lore behind these new additions. 

"We will start to confirm some (but not all) of the theories around the epic conflicts in Valorant," Notthingham said. 

He hinted that there's another in-game organization that the agents are fighting against. According to Notthingham, developers will start to explore the Kingdom a lot more closely. 

"What is this corporation? What's with all the secretive bases and stuff?" Notthingham said. 

Meanwhile, he added, they will continue bringing new maps "with epic backstories" and new agents "from places far flung and closer to home." There will also be additional content that expands on the lore behind the game. This is something players have been waiting for since the closed beta. Valorant's community has consistently looked around each map for various clues towards the story behind the gameplay. Riot did a great job building out the universe behind League of Legends, which means Valorant might now get a similar treatment. 

What Valorant lore do we know so far? 

Riot hasn't released any backstory on individual agents or the overarching story, but players still have a solid foundation. Valorant is set in the near future after the First Light event, which could be caused by aliens, natural disasters, or human destruction.

The aftermath of the event gives certain people special abilities. These people become known as Radiants. A lot of these Radiants have become agents of Valorant Protocol, a shadow organization that was formed in response to First Light. 

But it's not yet clear what each agent's background is, or how they got involved with Valorant Protocol. That will hopefully be revealed come Episode 2 in 2021. 

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