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Here's how to compete in the TFT Set 4 NA Qualifiers

Melany M. November 20, 2020

Riot Games has revealed the dates for the TFT Set 4 North American qualifiers, a series of competitions for the best Teamfight Tactics players in the region.

North American TFT players are getting a new chance to compete with the TFT Set 4 NA qualifiers and, there will be four three-day qualifiers:

  • Qualifier one: November 20-22
  • Qualifier two: December 18-20
  • Qualifier three: January 29-31
  • Qualifier four: February 26-28

Players that couldn’t compete in the previous qualifiers will get one last chance through the open qualifier. The final event will run from March 1 to March 5. There’s a $5,000 prize pool for each qualifier.

Finals will be played on two separate weekends, including the weekend of March 6 and 7, and the weekend of March 12 and 13.

Who can compete in the TFT Set 4 NA qualifiers?

Each round of qualifiers will have 24 players divided into three pools of eight. The distribution is as follow:

  • 10 players from the weekly ladder snapshot
  • 8 players from the open qualifiers bracket
  • 4 players from the previous qualifier event
  • 2 players from Wisdom’s Weekly Challenger Series

The ladder snapshots will be taken every Wednesday at 12:01 AM PT. The top 100 players from the ladder will receive points, and players are required to play a minimum of 10 games every week to be eligible.

The Wisdom Weekly Challenger Series will send invitations to the top eight players from the ladder, and the series takes place on Mondays.

Players that wish to compete on the open brackets can register on the Liquid Tactics Discord server. For additional information on the open brackets, players can go to the TFT Discord Server.

32 players will advance to regional finals, but only one will ultimately earn the right to call themselves the champion of Teamfight Tactics.