Respawn promises daily future updates for Apex Legends

Respawn has shared a detailed account of the studio’s future plans regarding newly released battle royale game Apex Legends.

The information was given via on Reddit by community manager Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette, and highlighted how Respawn intends to communicate with its Apex playerbase.

As part of the studio’s attempts at frequent communication, Jayfresh stated in the post that he would personally be updating Reddit with information about the game on a daily basis, beginning on February 19.

While such frequent updates are not likely to reveal groundbreaking information each time, the plan does reflect the studio’s desire to be “direct, honest and transparent” with its fans.

In addition to these frequent updates, Jayfresh also explained that the development team would be streaming live directly from the Respawn offices. The streams are likely to start during the first competitive season, as a production team is currently in the process of creating a soundstage and streaming setup.

Jayfresh was also keen to address the current instability of Apex Legends that causes frequent crashes for some players, sharing that it is one of the largest problems now facing the team. While the game’s first patch was recently deployed, another will apparently drop soon to further stabilize the game.

Another future update in the works is an in-game report system, as Jayfresh hinted the team knew this community suggestion was a good idea. With 16,000 players already banned for cheating, Respawn are keen to crack down on this type of behavior and called on players to fill out a report form for anyone spotted exploiting the game.

Similarly, fans have been called to “help us help you” by Jayfresh when it comes to bugs in the new game. Players are being asked to report any glitches or exploits they find.

Jayfresh encouraged anyone making a report to give as much detail about their hardware and software specifications as possible, to allow the development team to address reported problems more effectively.

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