DAMWON’s Canyon is awarded with the Worlds 2020 finals MVP award

It has been the perfect World Championship for DAMWON Gaming jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu.

After an intense final at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, DAMWON Gaming could lift the Summoner’s Cup as the first Korean team since 2017 after beating Suning. The best-of-five series went in favor of DAMWON 3-1 and the biggest reason for that was Canyon. 

Canyon was playing the series of his life and was awarded the finals MVP award right after the game. Canyon pulled out four different champions in the final, all being high-impact carry junglers. His performance on Kindred and Graves especially was impressive and a real threat to the Suning squad. 

Canyon’s best game was the fourth and final game of the final, where he pulled out one of the best Kindred performances ever seen. He secured a total of seven neutral objectives throughout the game and killed the last Nexus of the year with a 8-0-7 scoreline. Not only did he play the map right, but he was also one of the biggest damage dealers. 

In the finals MVP interview right after the match, Canyon was asked what champion he will choose for his World Championship skin. 

“I think Graves or Nidalee,” Canyon said on stage. “I’m kinda sad that my Nidalee kept getting banned out. I’ll probably debate heavily between the two."

It is no surprise that Canyon will be looking towards some of his signature champions for the Worlds skin, despite being most dominant on Kindred in the final. Canyon has played a total of 11 games on Graves throughout the tournament, while he only managed to get Nidalee once.   

Canyon and the rest of DAMWON will return to Korea soon and get a much-deserved break in the offseason. News will also likely follow if the team will stay together for the 2021 season, or if any other organizations are looking to pick up some of the newly crowned World Champions.