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Apex Legends Season 7 introduces new map Olympus

Respawn has given Apex Legends players an official first look at the game's new map, Olympus. 

Season 7 is coming to the competitive battle royale on November 4, bringing with it a new legend, Horizon, as well as a new map. Horizon was revealed to be a talented scientist working on solving an energy crisis on her home city of Olympus. A betrayal causes Horizon to almost be sucked into a black hole and lose her decades of work. She ends up 87 years in the future, ready to fight off other legends with gravity-related abilities. 

"When this hero said she'd save us all, you knew she'd find a way to do it. But it wasn't done without sacrifice," Horizon said in her reveal trailer. "I'll keep that promise. It's just a matter of time."

And it looks like she's fighting on her home turf, Olympus. 

Respawn offers a first look at Olympus in Apex Legends

In the first gameplay trailer for Season 7, players caught a glimpse of the beautiful Olympus map. In contrast to Kings Canyon, Olympus is full of green and lush scenery. It looks like a high-tech and colorful city that was once full of life. 

The map offers more verticality than Kings Canyon, with the trailer showing a lot of ramps. Looks like players will be able to speed up the ramps not only by foot or zipline, but also by driving. The Trident hovercar is also coming to Apex Legends, opening up an entirely new playstyle on Olympus. With wide roads and long runways, it seems like Repsawn is encouraging players to find creative ways to use abilities while driving in vehicles this time around. 

An aerial view of Olympus, a floating city surrounded by clouds, shows a reactor mid-map, although it's unclear what purpose it might serve in-game. Portals can also be spotted throughout the map. There appear to be many tall buildings as well, including Bonsai Plaza. This is host to the top-floor restaurant where Loba's parents were killed by Revenant. 

There's also a lot of negative space, meaning locations with very few points of interest nearby. There are even open pits that allow players to see the clouds below. This was intentional, according to senior level designer Dave Osei.

“We wanted Olympus to feel high and dangerous, but we didn’t want to cause any frustration to the match. The goal is to make [the open pits] feel visible, or for them to be visible, but feel invisible," Osei said in a press conference. 

Apex Legends data miners reveal Olympus information

Before the trailer, Apex Legends data miners were already digging around for more information about the Season 7 map. As early as October 27, leakers shared images of the map and its points of interest. This includes Biast12, a well known data miner in the Apex Legends community. 

The images Biast12 pulled from the files were a bit blurry, but players were still able to get an idea of what Olympus would look like come November 4. 

Olympus map leak

The leaked images, as well as the new teaser trailer, have Apex Legends fans excited, but also skeptical. Many players feel the map seems a bit small compared to Kings Canyon, with less POIs and less space to work with in general. But the images alone can't show the true scale of the new map. For now, Apex Legends players will have to wait a bit longer to find out more about Olympus' innovative new features and design. 

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