Apex Legends players angry at Fight or Fright event skins, prices

The Apex Legends community is mad at Respawn Entertainment's Fight or Fright collection sales model.

Most of the exclusive cosmetics from the Fight or Fright event are only available through bundles purchased with Apex Coins. Reddit immediately exploded about this news. One Apex Legends player said that being limited to bundles "blows." It was difficult to find anyone disagreeing with the player's remarks, with other gamers calling the sale model a "new low" for Apex Legends. 

"We don't want bundles. This event sucks," another Apex Legends player simply stated

 Not being able to buy skins individually has been causing major backlash. The bundles are viewed as expensive, which makes it all the more frustrating that players can't use Crafting Metals or Legend Tokens to unlock them. While giving players a bundle deal is often an option, most games also have individual cosmetics for players to purchase. 

What's wrong with Apex Legends' Fight or Fright bundles?

Fight or Fright Apex Legends skins

If players want 1,000 Apex Coins it's $9.99. The cheapest spooky bundle is 1,500 coins, meaning players must spend at least $19.99 to cover the total cost. 

It's 2,500 for Crypto's Prince of Darkness bundle, which has three vampire-themed cosmetics. The individual skins should be 1,800 coins, making it more cost-effective to pick out a favorite, especially if players want to buy skins for multiple legends. The Tortured Souls bundle, which has two skins for Crypto and two for Bloodhound, would be $60. 

Loba's Queens of the Night bundle also has a Lifeline skin, making it 1,500 Apex Coins. This is frustrating for Loba players that don't play Lifeline, and vice versa. At 1,500 Apex Coins, players are forced to purchase the 2,150 coin option, since the 1,000 purchase wouldn't be enough. 

What's even stranger is the return of last year's Halloween skins. Many of them have returned with new color palettes instead of Respawn adding completely new cosmetics. In fact, only Revenant and Loba received all-new skins. While recolors and skin returns are nothing new, it's often overshadowed by the number of new cosmetics for players to choose from. But this year, it seems that the bulk of the event revolves around the recycled skins. 

The expensive and limited Fight or Fright event is definitely a miss among the Apex Legends community. Respawn has yet to respond to ongoing complaints. 

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