Riot addresses problematic Umbral Glaive bug at Worlds 2020

Olivia R. October 15, 2020

Riot Games developers have finally confirmed a fix for a potentially game-breaking bug fans discovered while watching the group stage at Worlds 2020. 

Developer Mark "Scruffy" Yetter posted the update on Twitter, stating that the League of Legends team had shipped out a "micropatch" that fixed the Umbral Glaive bug. 

"This is going into the Worlds build for the rest of the tournament," Scruffy said. 

Viewers first noticed the Umbral Glaive bug in during a tiebreaker between G2 Esports and Suning. G2 was starting to outscale Suning, but top lane Chen "Bin" Ze-Bin pulled off a teleport flank on Gangplank that ultimately won Suning the game. 

League of Legends viewers noticed, however, that the Umbral Glaive item seemed to stop jungle plants from respawning during the game. G2 should have been able to use a blast cone to jump any walls, which would have allowed G2's jungle to enter the team fight or could have enabled Luka "Perkz" Perkowvic and Rasmus "Caps" Winther to escape the flanking enemy Gangplank. Unfortunately, the blast cone hadn't appeared due to the bug and G2 went down hard in the fight.

Other Worlds 2020 viewers noticed the bug during other games throughout the group stage as well, though it never appeared to be as potentially consequential as it did in G2's loss to Suning. It appeared during games featuring DAMWON, DragonX, and LGD Gaming. 

Now that the bug is taken care of, G2 doesn't have to worry about a repeat experience in the team's upcoming match against Gen.G this weekend. If the LEC squad does manage to defeat Gen.G, G2 will have to face current favorite DAMWON, who are looking to get their revenge on the European side.