MAD Lions gets destroyed by SuperMassive in 2020 World Championship

MAD Lions stood no chance against Papara SuperMassive on day two of the 2020 World Championship.

MAD is not having the results the team expected. The European squad dropped the game against SuperMassive and is now standing in fourth place in Group B.

SuperMassive, which made its debut early on the day, is having a solid performance across all roles. Jungler Lee "KaKAO" Byung-kwon is taking his role as the main carry of the team very seriously, with back-to-back outstanding games. Solo laners İrfan "Armut" Tükek and Onur "Bolulu" Demirol are also pulling their weight and working as the perfect companions for KaKAO.

MAD Lions can't keep up with SuperMassive in Worlds 2020

It wasn’t just one thing that got out of hand for MAD. Across the map, the team made costly mistakes and SuperMassive took advantage of, gaining terrain. This meant MAD couldn’t pull off its usual tricks. The Zoe pick in the mid lane, a comfort pick in the LEC, turned out to be a nuisance, creating chaos around the map that played to SuperMassive’s favor.

MAD looked lost on the map and ended up playing reactively. Every play attempted by MAD was turned around by SuperMassive. At every instance, SuperMassive knew how to fight better and how to position better. SuperMassive carefully set up for the objectives, not leaving anything to chance. MAD couldn’t get in and even if it did, SuperMassive waited on the other side ready to punish.

Once SuperMassive gained confidence, there was nothing that MAD could do to repel the opponent. By the end of the match, MAD got desperate and tried to force a miraculous team fight, only to get destroyed one final time.

MAD still has a chance to advance to the elimination round but it’s not guaranteed. If MAD loses again and INTZ wins its final match, both teams will be forced to play a tiebreaker. Meanwhile, SuperMassive is one victory away from securing a direct seed to the main event.