PSG Talon

PSG Talon pulls off massive upset over LGD Gaming at Worlds 2020

PSG Talon beat group favorites LGD Gaming in the first big upset of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship play-in stage.

LGD were the clear favorites going into the match, as they are considered the best team in play-ins by many fans and experts. Despite all expectations, PSG Talon came out swinging with a great composition and took down the fourth seed from the LPL. 

What is even more surprising, is that PSG Talon managed to win with three substitute players. It was announced last week that PSG Talon would play with substitutes during the play-in stage because of travel restrictions and visa requirements. 

PSG Talon started out great from champion select, where they drafted a strong team fighting composition with a lot of comfort picks. LGD went for some lane-focused picks like Lucian, but they never managed to capitalize on that. 

The game started off slowly with small trades going back and forth. It took quite a while until LGD secured first blood, but they did not snowball off of it. As the players entered the later stages, PSG Talon’s composition slowly started to come online. 

LGD tried to fight around the objectives but didn’t stand a chance against well-executed fights from PSG Talon. The favorable fights led to PSG Talon picking up the Ocean Soul, followed up by the Baron Buff. 

LGD was not completely out of the game, but PSG Talon played it out slowly and controlled the pace to make sure that they didn’t make any mistakes. A second Baron Buff and a few more kills were enough to end the game in 35 minutes. 

PSG Talon is now on top of group B, after two wins on its first day, previously beating Rainbow7 in dominant fashion. LGD drops to 0-1, but still has plenty of chances to bounce back.