Fnatic Rising looks to continue Fnatic legacy in UK

Fnatic is looking to dominate the United Kingdom League of Legends Championship with new team Fnatic Rising.

Jordan “Shikari” Pointon, Daniel “Dan” Hockley, Matthew “xMatty” Coombs, and Tom “Prosfair” Willis are four Brits in the UKLC lineup who will be repping the black and orange. Their fifth and newest member is Sweden’s Felix “MagiFelix” Bostrom.

The newly formed team will be based out of the Fnatic HQ’s new practice facilities in London. The Fnatic Rising team will not only practice here, but grow its fan base through streaming.

Fnatic is hoping to further build its fan following through the team’s unique branding.

“We took a bit of a ‘teenage energy’ take on the iconic Fnatic mark by adding a dash of street art, and Wu-Tang aggressiveness,” said Fnatic brand director Benoit Pagotto.


The stylized Fnatic Rising logo mirrors graffiti, a type of art that “surrounds you at every step” in East London. The logo design embodies the team’s youthfulness, progression, excitement, and imagination, said the official announcement.

While youth and fun are at the forefront of Fnatic Rising’s branding, it also aims to embody Fnatic’s passion for competing at the highest level of esports for the past 15 years. The sword in the logo represents the team’s stories collected during its ongoing journey to be the best.

“The UK is our proving grounds for becoming worldly,” said a team statement. “We’re not here to be normal. We’re here to shake things up. We’re not here to settle. We’re here to always go higher.”

The Fnatic Rising will play their first game Wednesday. The “king of the hill” style competition will have eight teams competing in a single-elimination bracket in hopes to topple the tower champion.