League of Legends World Championship

Why do scrim results keep leaking at Worlds 2020?

Teams at the 2020 World Championship have started to scrim each other to prepare for the tournament, but several leaked results have been floating around on social media.

Worlds scrim results have been all over social media over the past week. Fans, as well as other teams, have been able to see the exact result of some scrims, which are usually kept private between participating teams. 

Some of the teams involved in the scrim leaks are Fnatic, Suning, MAD Lions, JD Gaming, G2 Esports, and Team SoloMid

Scrimming is an essential part of a professional team’s practice, especially when preparing for a big tournament like Worlds. The teams participating at Worlds have the chance to scrim each other and get good practice in against opponents that they usually don't have the chance to play against. 

The scrim leaks might seem harmless at first, but it's a potentially serious problem. Other teams are able to use this information as an advantage going into the tournament. Scrims are often used to practice certain compositions or new champion picks that haven’t been seen before. Leaks allow other teams to get a sneak peek into opponents' strategies and give them an advantage if they meet that team during the tournament. 

How did scrims from 2020 World Championship get leaked?

Scrims are usually played on the tournament realm, which is a dedicated server for professional teams to practice and play tournament games on. For this year's Worlds, teams have not been scrimming exclusively on the tournament realm, which explains the unfortunate leaks. Some reports indicate that the tournament realm has been unavailable to practicing teams in China.

It’s not completely confirmed why the results end up showing on the player’s match histories, but it’s most likely due to the fact that games are not closed before the Nexus explodes. If all players exit the game before the Nexus explodes, the match won’t be registered on any match history. If this doesn’t happen, then the result of the match will be public. 

The most recent scrim leak was a match between Team SoloMid and Suning. The game contained picks such as Draven, Quinn, Lilia, and Hecarim, proving that both teams might be trying out some new picks. Other leaks have also shown Xin Zhao and Jax, so we might see some innovative compositions when the tournament kicks off. 

There has not been any official statement as to why teams are scrimming on the live servers, so it’s expected that fans may see more leaks during the coming weeks.