Is Valve extending The International 10 Battle Pass end date?

Officially, The International 10 Battle Pass is set to wrap up later this week. Unofficially, that might not end up being the case.

In theory, The International Battle Pass is exactly that. A battle pass that begins with the push towards The International and ends upon the event’s conclusion. But for one reason or another, Valve has consistently found a reason to push out its end date.

Valve has already done this once in 2020. Earlier this year, the battle pass’ end date was pushed back to accommodate a weeklong stretch during which servers in Southeast Asia were crashing during peak hours. This prompted Valve to push back the initially planned end date by seven days to September 19.

Things haven’t exactly gone well since, though. The TI10 Battle Pass has been one disaster after another, and that could prompt Valve to add a bit more time for fans.

Immortal Treasure 3 delay, Trove cancellation may see TI10 Battle Pass extended

The TI10 Battle Pass has been an almost constant source of controversy. Right from the beginning, fans accused Valve of changing the BP system by making it harder to earn levels to force them into purchasing them. This was followed by frequent downtime across multiple regions alongside the extended downtime in Southeast Asia.

Things didn’t get better with time. Alongside the gripes and outages, a number of other controversies sprang up including the unpopular hero persona skins and extended waits for the release of each component of the battle pass. 

Fan frustration kicked into an even higher gear when a Valve developer revealed that there likely wouldn’t be a 2020 Trove Carafe. That proved to be a tipping point for Dota 2 players, which wasn’t helped by the calamitous announcement that the Dota Pro Circuit was scrapped indefinitely. This resulted in a whirlwind of criticism that the traditionally silent Valve was forced to react to.

The biggest problem right now facing Valve is its inability to deliver on the Immortal Treasure 3. The final battle pass-exclusive treasure has typically been one of the last major releases each year, but it’s never come out this close to the end date.

If Valve ends up not being able to deliver on it by the TI10 Battle Pass end date of September 19, the battle pass could be extended out further.

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