Was Jarvis banned again after return to Fortnite on Twitch?

Former Fortnite professional FaZe Jarvis returned to streaming Fortnite only to get banned again. The streamer geared up to play Fortnite on Twitch after a yearlong hiatus from the game, but Epic Games had other plans. 

The streamer was originally pumped about returning to Fortnite. 

"It’s been nearly a year since Epic banned me. Tonight @ 6PM PST I’m playing Fortnite for the first time back on Twitch. See you there," Jarvis tweeted.

Jarvis had just started a match in Fortnite when he was logged out of his account. Soon after this, his manager told him to end the stream. The entire scene was bizarre to viewers as Jarvis' reaction seemed phoney to many.

"I just got banned again," Jarvis said when he was asked to stop the Livestream. 

Epic Games has always been severe regarding the implementation of the company's policies, considering that Jarvis' return to streaming Fortnite was an odd decision. However, the streamer made sure to hide his in-game information from the screen in a failed attempt to escape the watchful eye of Epic Games. 

The audience is still split on whether the ban was legitimate or staged, as Jarvis was logged out of his account mid-game. It could be that someone logged into his account from a different device, signing him out. A random man walking in and asking him to end the stream also seemed fishy to many viewers. 

Jarvis' Fortnite stream managed to peak at as many as 50,000 viewers and has the entire community talking about the streamer. It's still unclear if Jarvis has just been logged out, banned, or just staged the ban to get views. Whatever the case, Jarvis' ban stories are becoming more frequent. 

Why was Jarvis banned this time?

The former Fortnite pro has also been on Twitch's radar. He was last banned on Twitch in July 2019 for playing copyrighted music. The brief ban lasted for 24 hours following a claim from DMCA. 

"Jarvis has been banned on twitch... we're trying to fix it," Faze Kay tweeted

This short ban didn't teach Jarvis to be more mindful of his actions on Livestream, which earned him a lifetime ban from Epic Games for using an aimbot. This happened soon after the Twitch fiasco in 2019. 

Jarvis was permanently banned from playing Fortnite in November 2019 when he was caught using aimbot on a YouTube stream. In an apology video, Jarvis said that he had never used hacks in competitions and was using it for the sake of an instructional video. His other clips boasting about using hacks were soon deleted off the web.

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