League of Legends Yuumi

Why is Yuumi still hated after being nerfed into bad win rates?

Feline enchanter support Yuumi has been thrown out of the meta for over five patches after several previous nerfs. 

Yuumi received a big nerf in patch 10.13 when Riot increased the mana cost of Zoomies (E), which greatly affected her sustain. Riot tried to balance her out by buffing Bop ‘N’ Block (P) in patch 10.15, but it was not enough to put Yuumi back at a balanced win rate.

Riot tries and fails to balance Yuumi 

The nerf in patch 10.13 has resulted in some very poor win rates through five patches now, currently sitting at 48.54%. While many players are probably happy to see less Yuumi on Summoner’s Rift, it’s not guaranteed that Riot will keep it that way.   

When Yuumi was released in May 2019, she was instantly a controversial champion in the community due to her unique and at times frustrating kit. She was picked up with hyper carries in the bot lane, poking her enemies in lane and scaling very well into the late game. This made the magical cat a potentially cheesy pick for solo queue and a contested pick in professional play.

Since her release, Riot has struggled to balance her. She has either been way too strong or so weak that she can’t even be considered. Yuumi is currently at a point where she has fallen out of the meta, which can easily be seen from her poor win rates.

Yuumi ranks among most frustrating champions in NA

Riot game developer Nathan “Blaustoise” Blau recently tweeted some data regarding the most frustrating champions to play against. To no one’s surprise, Yuumi was among them. Yuumi is currently ranked 13 in North America for most frustrating to play against.

Since her release, a negative narrative has been created around Yuumi in the community. People on social media are happy to share negative opinions about her, which can be seen in the data from Blaustoise.