T1's Valorant squad parts ways with crashies and food

After a strong start to its initial Valorant endeavor, famed esports organization T1 is down to only two players on its active roster. T1 announced that it has parted ways with Austin "crashies" Roberts and Victor "food" Wong. 

Despite finishing as the runner-up during its first outing at the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown, T1's form dropped as they have failed to make a single top-four showing since. 

Although crashies's departure was rumored for some time due to the team's star player Braxton "brax" Pierce slowly taking over his role and adopting his agent pool, food's departure comes as a little more of a shock. Apart from brax, food was the main standout player on the squad, with impressive performances and clutch round wins during T1's successful early results. 

skadoodle's future uncertain at T1

Rumors say that last month's leaked conversation between crashies and food, during which they complained that teammate Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham was not pulling his weight, might have impacted T1's decision to drop both players. 

With Skadoodle stepping down from the squad earlier in August, T1 is now down to the former IBUYPOWER duo of Keven "AZK" Larivière and brax on its active roster.

As it stands, T1 is likely going to compete with Skadoodle back in the starting lineup. It was strongly hinted that academy player Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic would move up to the starting roster, still leaving the team's fifth and final roster spot up for grabs. 

As for food and crashies, the duo might not be without a team for very long. Both have established themselves as capable players in the emerging Valorant scene, and their experience against elite teams is something that some teams may find valuable.

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