G2 resist Vitality's bot lane pressure to remain unbeaten

G2 Esports collected another victory to continue undefeated in the LEC.

G2 remains at the top of the standings after defeating Team Vitality in week four of the LEC Spring Split. The match of the week started with a surprise in the draft as Martin “Wunder” Hansen locked in Jarvan IV in the top lane.

Vitality focused its early efforts on the bottom lane and secured first blood four minutes into the match. Luka “Perkz” Perković and Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle handled the pressure reasonably while the rest of the G2 dominated the other parts of the map.

In the top lane, Wunder was the initiator and caught Lee “Mowgli” Jae-ha every time the Korean import tried to steal G2’s jungle camps.

At 14 minutes, Vitality capitalized on their early bottom lane pressure to destroy the first turret. Despite this early aggression, Vitality still trailed in gold.

Ever calm and collected, G2 kept finding picks wherever they could. This plan and its skillful execution allowed G2 to pressure both mid and top, and soon, Vitality was struggling to contest neutral objectives.

In a desperate attempt to get back in the game, Vitality turned its full attention to an elemental drake attempt. The move backfired. At 23 minutes, G2 aced Vitality and secured the drake plus an ensuing baron. The gold advantage grew too large to overcome here, and with a single concerted push, G2 broke the enemy base.

G2 dove past the middle inhibitor and aced the opposition a second time before taking down the nexus at 27 minutes.

G2 remain the only undefeated team in the LEC.

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