Big ranked matchmaking changes coming to Valorant in Act 2

With Valorant’s Act 1 being brought to a close, Riot has released details on incoming changes to Valorant’s ranks and competitive mode for Act 2. 

Currently, matchmaking is heavily weighted by skill level and moves fluidly based on a good or bad day of competitive play. Riot developers have expressed interest in top-ranked players having an incentive to keep playing the game that doesn’t include simply playing so they don’t lose their rank.

Since this is the first competitive season for Valorant, there was a big question about how placement matches will be weighted in Act 2. According to the update, placement in Act 2 will be based upon “your nine best ranked wins of the act, and how many wins you’ve gotten in the act.” 

The details on how this is achieved include “Act Ranks,” which track players’ proven skill, highest rated win, and number of competitive wins in the Act. Proven skill is the ninth-best ranked win of the Act to demonstrate the ability to win at that level, and highest ranked win is the highest ranked game a player is able to win that Act. Matchmaking rank is still going to be a close reflection of current rating.

The way Act Ranks are to be displayed is a big triangle filled with smaller ones. Each triangle represents ranked match wins over the courts of the act. Winning games at higher ranks will push out the lower-ranked triangles, and the border triangle changes at 9, 25, 50, 75 and 100 wins. 

Players will also receive an Act Rank badge based off of the top nine best ranked wins. This is another feature being implemented at the start of Act II. 

After the Act concludes, players’ Act Rank will be saved in the career tab along with all other Act data. Players’ ranks will be determined going forward by these ranks, and will place players in ranks according to last Act’s data. 

Act I is set to conclude on August 4, 2020 with Act II following immediately after.

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