Immortal Treasure 2 arrives for The International 10 Battle Pass

The Immortal Treasure 2 has finally arrived in The International 10 Battle Pass.

The long-awaited case has landed in Dota 2, bringing with it a new set of fancy skins for Dota 2 fans with high-level battle passes. The Immortal Treasure II includes common skins for Sven, Magnus, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Witch Doctor, and Silencer.

The rare skin is a new one for Jakiro, which alters the hero’s wings. This adds some elaborate particle effects that highlight the fire and ice nature of Jakiro by adding a red particle effect to his left wing and a blue one to his right wing.

There are also a pair of very rare skins for Witch Doctor and Slardar. As fans would expect, these are simply recolored and golden versions of their more common skins.

The ultra rare skin for the Immortal Treasure 2 is a very fun one. The skin adds a backpack to Ursa with particle effects around his shoulders. While that’s standard fare in Dota 2, this one has a delightful new addition in the form of a happy and helmeted bear cub that rides around gleefully on Ursa’s back.

The Immortal Treasure 2 also includes a cosmically rare chance of getting the Emblem of Divinity. Good luck rolling for it.

As per usual, these skins are untradeable and unmarketable until after The International 11. The tournament does not currently have a firm date set after it was delayed earlier this year.

As with previous years, the Immortal Treasure 2 is relatively difficult to obtain for players that haven’t invested money into their battle pass. Players don’t obtain a second Immortal Treasure 2 until level 98, at which point they do begin to find them a bit more frequently.

The Immortal Treasure 2 is available in the Dota 2 client now.