Viper joins Hanwha Life Esports ahead of the 2020 LCK Summer Split

Melany M. May 18, 2020

Bottom laner Park "Viper" Do-hyeon has officially joined Hanwha Life Esports ahead of the 2020 LCK Summer Split.

Viper is reuniting with former teammate Son "Lehends" Si-woo under a new banner. Viper and Lehends were considered one of the strongest duos in the LCK between 2018 and 2019 while playing with Griffin. Now, the duo is getting ready to thrive with a new organization.

2020 hasn’t been an easy ride for Viper. Griffin struggled through the regular season and ultimately failed to make it through in the Summer Promotion tournament. Griffin, the prodigy team from Challengers Korea, is back in the lower-tier tournament after two years of general success in the LCK.

Despite the poor results through spring, Viper was the best-performing member from Griffin alongside jungler Lee "Tarzan" Seung-yong.

It’s unclear what’s the plan for Griffin moving forward. The team might disband soon, considering that Challengers Korea will cease to exist as the LCK transitions into a franchised model. Griffin is yet to express its intention to take part in the new league.

Where are the rest of the Griffin players going?

Earlier this month, Griffin confirmed that it would be releasing all players from their contracts. This is a group of young and talented players with potential to find new homes soon.


Tarzan is one of the hottest names in the market right now. Many organizations from all over the world have their eyes on Tarzan. The recent offseason rumors place him in the LPL, more specifically with 2018 World Champion Invictus Gaming. Tarzan would be replacing Lu "Leyan" Jue and Gao "Ning" Zhen-Ning, who are both rumored to be transferred to other teams within the LPL.


Son "Ucal" Woo-hyeon is back on the market, and Hanwha is one of the teams in need of a mid laner. Ucal is known for his aggressive style and outstanding mechanical talents. Despite being only 19, Ucal has proven that he can hold his own against the best mid laners in the Korean region. Ucal is a real asset that is likely to be picked up quickly by a team.