Epic Games to launch free game developer tools

Epic Games has shared its plans to launch a set of cross-platform services for game developers in 2019.

Starting in Q2 2019, game developers will have access to the software development solutions made possible by Unreal Engine. Originally conceived for Fortnite, the services will provide small game developers with the tools necessary to improve their products.

These services are the core of any online game and can often be expensive to build. Epic Games is offering its products for free, open to any developer. The services can be combined with solutions created by third parties, depending on the needs of each project.

Some of the services available include cross-platform login, friends listings, presence, profiles, entitlements, a PC/Mac overlay API, cross-platform voice communications, cross-platform data storage, and cloud-based game saves. Other services will be offered as well.

These services have been tested by over 200 million players across seven different gaming platforms.

According to the announcement, Epic Games plans on expanding this program in the coming years. These solutions will remain open to all engines and game platforms.

Epic Games took the gaming industry in 2018 with Fortnite, as the game quickly became a worldwide sensation that has attracted millions of players. Fortnite was arguably the greatest catalyst in the current wave of battle royale titles.

Now, the developer is expanding its horizons by offering its services to smaller developers.

On December 6, the company launched its own digital store that will compete with the likes of Steam. The store currently offers a small variety of titles, including Fortnite.

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