Apex Legends Season 5 trailer introduces new legend Lobas

With Apex Legends' new season around the corner, fans are anxiously awaiting the moment they can play Lobas. 

Season 5, called "Fortune's Favor," was revealed in a trailer released on Apex Legends' official YouTube channel. The video centers around Lobas, who will be available to play on May 12. The new legend's backstory is quite familiar to Apex Legends fans, who actually predicted her arrival back when Revenant was revealed

The robotic assassin definitely had players hyped, but some weren't just focused on his abilities and were instead looking for hints about her lore and backstory within the video. Revenant was shown violently murdering his target as the man's daughter screams as she's being rushed to safety. Comments on the Season 4 trailer were already discussing the daughter, hoping she would become a legend in hopes of getting revenge for her parents' murder. Well, that's exactly what happened, according to the Season 5 trailer. 

The description reads: "When she was nine years old, Loba Andrade witnessed her parents’ murders at the hands of the simulacrum Revenant. Orphaned and tossed into the system, Loba fought tooth and nail to overcome the adversity of her childhood. She grew up to become a famous high society socialite." 

Season 5 trailer reveals potential Loba abilities

Not only did the trailer shine more light on Loba's backstory. It also gave players a glimpse at her potential abilities. 

The first ability appears to be a translocating device, which Apex Legends data miner That1MiningGuy uncovered as being called "Burglar's Best Friend." Loba throws a ring down and is then able to teleport to wherever it lands. From the trailer, it's not clear how far the device can be thrown or how long you have to use the teleporter once it's activated. Still, this type of extreme mobility is quite exciting for Apex Legends fans. 

There's also a scene in which Loba attempts to kill Revenant's preserved brain. The security breach triggers a squad of Hammond robots to take her down. This action scene gives players a look at another potential ability: Loba uses her wolf cane to grab a robot's assault rifle. Since being a burglar seems to be her thing, it's definitely possible one of her abilities will be stealing loot from enemies. She can also use the cane as a melee weapon, smacking down drones, making fans wonder if that will be another ability available in-game. 

In the trailer, Loba also has some sort of explosive device. The bomb takes out all the robots on her tail, allowing Loba to translocate away from danger. This damage-dealing ability will most likely be in the game as well. 

After escaping from danger, Loba realizes she is surrounded by other legends. As she takes in her competition, Loba notices a familiar face amongst the figures: Revenant. 

"Come to kill me, little girl?" he goads her. 

With his sights locked on her, her identity is revealed: Loba Andrade. He also sees an image of her screaming as a child, most likely a memory he stored away. 

"Someday," she responds, pointing her gun at Revenant. 

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