New Fortnite shop offers themed goods to fans

Epic Games has announced an official merchandise store for popular game Fortnite.

The store launched during the holiday season and is named after an in-game location on Fortnite’s Battle Royale map. The new online store is called Retail Row, and can be accessed from the game’s website.

Retail Row offers fans the chance to buy themed apparel based on the game’s logo and in-game characters. The highlight of the store for many is the Durrr Burger onesie, an item that matches an in-game skin bearing the same name. The onesie costs $70 USD and is currently available only for preorder, with orders set to ship early in the new year.

As a limited edition item, the Durrr Burger onesie is limited to just two orders per customer. Developer Epic Games has not stated how many onesies will be produced or when the item’s sale will end.

The onesie is not the only item on the store requiring patience from interested shoppers, as the Skull Trooper pullover hoodie will not begin shipping until January 21. All graphic t-shirts on the store are available for immediate order and delivery at $25 each.

Only clothing is currently on offer at the Fortnite-themed storefront, despite Epic Games having partnered with toymakers Hasbro and McFarlane Toys to produce a nerf gun and a range of model figures. These and other themed items are likely to show up on the storefront in the future.

Retail Row ships internationally from the United States with the help of two global distribution centers.  Customers can also make orders from a separate European store, which ships from the United Kingdom.

Visitors to the store can sign up for updates on future merchandise as well as potential discounts on Fortnite goods.

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