Data miner finds new ranked titles and more in Valorant

"Finally, a rank below Bronze! My true home awaits."

A data miner, FloxaY, revealed the new titles for Valorant's yet-to-be-released ranked mode. The unveiled ranking system is a lot different from last month's playtest. The highest rank is now Immortal, followed by Diamond, and then Platinum. The lowest is not Bronze, but Iron. 

Last month, Valorant's ranks in the alpha playtest were Mercenary, Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Mythic and Immortal. 

Most of the new names, with the exception of Immortal, are probably familiar to League of Legends players, particularly Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Players won't start at Iron. Instead, they'll begin in an unranked position. Depending on their skill level and match outcomes, they'll progress through the ranks. Even though fans have already joked that they will be stuck in Iron, having ranked play in general is a much-needed addition to the closed beta. 

Valorant fans demand ranked play in closed beta

It's not yet clear when ranked play will be implemented in the closed beta, but Valorant's game director, Joe Ziegler, told fan it was coming in the next few weeks back on April 10. 

This tweet came after one fan demanded that ranked play be added to the closed beta due to the lop-sided matches he was experiencing. He had a combat score of over 500 in one match, almost twice as much as the next best opponent. He even had an opponent with a combat score of 55, proving just how uneven the skills of each player really are in the game today. 

“Our matchmaker will always try to find you a fair match,” Ziegler said in response. “Right now it is calibrating and we’re iterating as we see game data, but with more time and more matches played you should see more fair matches."

Seeing the new ranked titles, it's clear that a ranked mode is most definitely on the way. It's all a matter of when. 

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