Taimou announces retirement from Overwatch, teases move to Valorant

Timo “Taimou” Kettunen, one of the most accomplished players in Overwatch, is officially calling it quits. Known as “Mr. Good Aim”, Taimou made a name for himself with his impeccable aim on hitscan heroes such as Widowmaker and McCree. 

His claim to fame in the Overwatch scene came while playing for IDDQD, an international team that would later get picked up by Team EnVyUs. While playing for Team EnVyUs, Taimou produced some of the most dominant displays the competitive Overwatch scene had seen to that point. Taimou helped EnVyUs compete with the almost untouchable Korean teams that stood at the top of the game before the formation of the Overwatch League.

Team EnVyUs would become one of the first Overwatch League franchisees, with the organization rebranding the team as the Dallas Fuel. 

Their transition into the OWL was not a pleasant one. Despite being labeled as one of the favorites to win the first championship, the team underperformed for the vast majority of the first season due to internal turmoil and roster instability. Taimou was one of the few standout players on the squad, and posted a strong stage four despite those issues. 

Season 2 was a different story for the veteran DPS player. Due to the league-wide adoption of the GOATs meta, Taimou was benched for most of the second season. His limited DPS hero pool didn’t fit into a meta that prioritized hybrid tank and support players.

After spending most of the 2019 season on the bench, Taimou wasn’t ready to hang up his mouse and keyboard just yet. He rejoined his old team EnVyUs (currently playing as Dallas Fuel’s academy roster) for Overwatch Contenders 2020 Season 1: North America.

However, that reunion was short lived. After securing the coveted status as “contenders” in the seeding tournament and a fairly strong showing in the first two weeks, Taimou abruptly announced his retirement in a short Twitter post.

Taimou’s legacy and impact in Overwatch are undisputed, but his raw talent and competitiveness might still flourish as he announced a possible move to Riot Games’ FPS Valorant.

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