32nd Overwatch hero likely teased in series of Twitter posts

Jessica S. March 18, 2020

The 32nd Overwatch hero may be arriving in the near future.

The last time players got a new hero was over seven months ago on August 13, 2019. With the announcement of Overwatch 2, many have been wondering what the developer’s plans were for releasing a new hero. Blizzard developers have been hard at work on the sequel, which is the reason for the lack of fresh Overwatch content.

So far, the time period between Hero 32 and Sigma is the longest in Overwatch history, but fans may not have long to wait before the next hero is implemented into the game. Yesterday, Overwatch’s Twitter account released an image of a log entry by Dr. Mina Liao, an original founding member of Overwatch, and creator of the Athena prototype. On top of the entry log, is “March XXth”, which could be an indication of the release date if the date on the image has anything to do with it.

The entry also references Liao’s “new project” which many believed to be Echo, an android that was previously shown in the Overwatch: Reunion cinematic. However, following the release of a short audio clip on Twitter, fans aren’t so sure anymore. 

“Everyone get back. Stay down, stay down!” can be heard from a female voice. Then, there is the sound of breaking glass before the audio ends. 

It is possible that Echo is the new hero, but the nature of the audio clip suggests that the experiment might have been a failure, opening up a slew of other possibilities. Still, some are theorizing that Echo may be the failed experiment, as Liao was trying to become an omnic. The theory suggests that the voice is one of her partners, trying to discourage her from doing so.

Whatever the hero, fans are excited at the possibility of more lore and heroes. There has been a serious lack of new content since the announcement of Overwatch 2, and it remains uncertain when the game will even come out.

If this release follows the trajectory of previous hero releases, fans could see the new hero revealed in the very near future.