T1 star Faker is making a big move to help fight coronavirus

Olivia R. March 10, 2020

The coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on esports events this year. On March 6, Riot announced that Korea's LCK would be postponed due to the outbreak. Many League of Legends players have decided to help out with the situation however they can. 

SK Telecom 1's popular player and new part owner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok decided to donate $25,000 to help prevent the virus from spreading. The entire organization's players will also be donating proceeds from their streams this week to the cause. 

“I felt devastated for those that are working day and night to battle the COVID-19,” Faker said on Twitter. “I really wanted to aid those battling the outbreak and felt that donating to the Community Chest of Korea was the optimal choice. I hope that everyone bands together to overcome this terrible situation, and hope to see real support being given to those necessary.”

Currently, the LCK is on hiatus until further notice. There are currently more than 7,400 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in South Korea. This is the second-largest number of confirmed cases of any country, with China the only country ahead of them. Worldwide, over 110,000 people have been affected. Coronavirus is also responsible for over 3,830 confirmed deaths. 

LCK and LPL delayed in Korea, China due to coronavirus 

As Asia and the rest of the world continues to be affected by the virus, other players in the LCK have also begun to support the cause. FunPlus Phoenix's Tae-sang "Doinb" Kim contributed in January. Soon after, DragonX's Ji-hoon "Chovy" Jeon donated $8,385.68 to Community Chest of Korea, a nonprofit organization that helps victims of the outbreak, along with the team's general manager. 

The LCK hasn't been the only League of Legends event affected by the coronavirus. China's LPL was also postponed in January and missed over a month of matches thus far. 

Currently, fans are wondering what will happen with the Mid-Season Invitational, the first international event of the year. Riot recently announced that the event is postponed, but no further details have yet been revealed. 

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