4 Zoomers vs. Undying BTS Pro Series Season 5 betting analysis

By Steven Rondina


Mar 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

With qualified teams waiting for the ONE Esports Singapore Major to go down, non-Dota Pro Circuit play has returned. The biggest event going on in the western hemisphere is BTS Pro Series Season 5, which is in the middle of its playoffs. 

4 Zoomers and Undying are set to face off in the upper bracket finals to determine the first entrant to the grand finals. The two squads are among North America’s best, but are licking their wounds after missing out on the major.

Undying, 4 Zoomers miss Singapore Major but are still strong

Undying was one of the biggest surprises of the Dota Pro Circuit’s winter season. Though North America looked to be completely dominated by Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses, Undying proved to be a serious threat by forcing a three-way tie for first place. The tiebreaker didn’t go in its favor, but the team successfully showed that it’s a world-class contender.

That wasn’t the case with 4 Zoomers during the first Dota Pro Circuit cycle. Though the team was highly competitive throughout 2020 in intercontinental events, it showed itself to be a definitive cut below the top tier of the North American scene. 4 Zoomers went 4-3 during league play, with those three losses coming to the top three teams: Evil Geniuses, Undying, and Quincy Crew. The team still looked better than the rest of the field, but has a lot of work to do when it comes to qualifying for majors.

Both teams have looked generally on point during BTS Pro Series Season 5. Undying won in five of its group stage matches and tied in the other two, losing none. The team ultimately walked into the playoffs with a 12-2 record on maps and advanced to the upper bracket finals with a win over SG e-sports.

4 Zoomers looked very strong in the group stage, but not perfect. The squad won four series, drew in two, and lost one to SG e-sports. It managed to finish first in its group, and beat NoPing e-sports to set up this match with Undying.

Undying and 4 Zoomers have faced off once before, with Undying winning a series 2-1 during the North American Dota Pro Circuit League

4 Zoomers vs. Undying BTS Pro Series betting odds, predictions

Undying has a solid advantage across all bookmakers. Winners.bet has Undying as a 1.46 favorite to 4 Zoomers’ 2.52, a line which is fairly similar to those seen with other bookies. 

The best value involving this match will likely come on the handicap market and some educated guessing on the part of the bettor. 4 Zoomers already showed that it’s capable of beating Undying, but Undying is rightly considered the favorite. This offers some good options in terms of balancing risk and reward when it comes to this matchup.


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