Esports in 2022

4 reasons why you should be taking esports seriously

By William Davis


Nov 28, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

It’s no longer news that esports is becoming a major deal. The industry is fast exploding in popularity, which is all the more reason to get into it now. 

Initially, people have often looked at esports as a bunch of kids playing video games. However, as the years went by, more gaming franchises arrived and have thus modified and pushed competitive gaming to a greater height. 

Since esports has continued to grow in popularity and profit, many gambling platforms, including the best Canadian online casino platforms, have started integrating them. The trend doesn’t end there, as Michelle H. Thomas, an online gambling expert, predicts it will be an essential feature of online casinos by the end of this decade. This growth is good for both esports and online casino industries as it presents more financial opportunities to those looking to play games and earn real money.

With the industry’s new popularity, it can be the premier entertainment that will be worth your time. In this post, we’ll look at four reasons you and everyone else need to take esports seriously.

1. Every Game is Unique 

A good feature of video games is that every game is unique. Esports has helped in highlighting this feature. League of Legends is a MOBA that’s all about fast-paced strategy. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a shooter that’s focused on precision and mechanical skills. Super Smash Bros. is a fighter that is about reading your opponents. 

Even playing a regular video game on the esports scene feels different. Maybe it’s the competitiveness that adds more spice to the games, or the game is developed to add more features to eliminate the luck factor.

Furthermore, competitive gaming helps casual video game players who are trying to improve by providing them with rule sets. These rule sets provide a better means of acquiring skills than traditional rules, making the games fairer and more pleasurable to players and spectators.

2. Easier Accessibility for Everyone

Gaming has become more mainstream and culturally accepted, all thanks to the advance in technology. A benefit of this is that it makes it easy to play and watch games. What more? Esports have made it easier.

Now, with schools giving students an avenue to compete, students can play and compete at a game of their choice at a very young age. If the school decides to broadcast the tournaments their students are playing in, there are many platforms where millions of individuals can participate in the event as spectators. In addition, many of these platforms are free.

3. It Provides a More Personalized Gaming Experience

Gaming is fun when you grab a console to play games with the AI. However, the fun increases when you play with someone, even if you’re not in the same physical location. Apart from casually playing with other people, esports add more spice to gaming by giving an avenue to play as a team.

people watching concert during night time

Playing games as a team is more personalizing and satisfying because you’ll be able to combine your skills with your teammates to pull off combos that will leave the crowd in utter awe. The synergy you’ll also get from having other players involved is heavenly.

Similarly, esports can give players a more intimate gaming experience by giving them a greater sense of belonging since they’ll most likely be in touch with like-minded people. Like every game, every player is different and unique. Constant contact with these different players, although diversifying, can help make gaming more fun and personalized.

4. It’s More than a Game

Esports, although electronic, is just like any regular sporting event. It’s more than being a mere means of entertainment. It’s a culture, a way of life. Like any other sporting event with great culture, it has rapidly changed the world and dominated the market with varieties of products and merchandise readily available at most local gaming distributors worldwide.

The entertainment it provides brings and unifies millions of people in various expo centers and stadiums all over the world. The cheers from the crowds during the sessions make players feel like they’re participating in a real-life sporting event. It gets crazier during tournaments. During that time, players and spectators alike have their stories to tell.

Even parents and teachers are not left out of the thrills. Seeing their children or students perform excellently in a world devoid of academic learning and performing excellently can bring a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The growth of esports over the last couple of years is undeniable. Accompanying this growth are many other opportunities. Today, gamers can engage in competitive gaming and play online casino games for real money, in addition to other things. The only way to maximally enjoy these opportunities is by taking advantage of them early. You can only take advantage of these opportunities early when you take e-sports seriously.


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