Joe Marsh sheds new light on Fusion Arena status in Philadelphia

Fans in Philadelphia have been wondering about the status of the city’s proposed esports arena, which is set to be constructed by January 2021, less than a year away.

The Fusion Arena is planned to open in 2021 ahead of the fourth Overwatch League season. It is being built next to the Xfinity Live! location in Philadelphia, but fans are curious as to why there hasn’t been any sign of construction since the groundbreaking event. 

T1 CEO Joe Marsh gave a statement exclusively to shining light on the status of the arena’s construction.

“It’s absolutely still happening. Because of the existing buildings, like the Linc and Wells Fargo Center surrounding [the location], they’re surveying the ground and making sure that they move any important structures that are underground,” Marsh said.

This work of clearing out any potential impediments would need to be taken care of before construction formally begins on the new arena.

The arena will also be used as a smaller venue for events such as TED talks and corporate gatherings. The main focus, however, will be on the Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch team. It will be used as the team’s homestand location and for watch parties when the team is on the road. 

Plans are in place for the Fusion Arena to be a high tech building with features such as viewing experiences through which up to ten fans can experience Overwatch as if they are controlling how the game is observed. There will also be a merchandise store, a food market, and a training center where the team will practice, among other proposed amenities.

Marsh says that construction should be outwardly evident by approximately the middle of March, and that the project is still on target to be completed by January 2021 with plenty of time to spare before the fourth OWL season starts. The Fusion Arena is among the first ground-up esports arenas in North America, and will seat an estimated 2,300 fans. 

Marsh has stated that there will be season tickets available along with group ticket options.

The third season of the Overwatch League is already in full swing. 

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