Dignitas throws hard, gives hope to struggling Team Liquid

Melany M. February 25, 2020

Team Liquid secured a win against Dignitas in the 2020 LCS Spring Split to further recover from its rocky start to the split.

Liquid still has a long way to go before dreaming about the playoffs. The victory over Dignitas puts the team in a four-way tie for sixth place, not exactly where the defending champion wants to be. It’s been a slow start for Liquid, and from not having its starting jungler to getting used to playing together, the team is struggling.

On the other side, Dignitas had a solid start with a series of convincing victories. The team is currently tied for fourth place and is hoping to stay at the top in the remaining weeks of the regular season. The current standings don’t tell the full story, Dignitas’ honeymoon phase is over and the team is starting to show cracks in its armor.

Dignitas it away to TL during Monday Night League

Liquid took the win on Monday, but it wasn’t entirely because of their own work. Dignitas had a consistent early game and did an amazing job scouting jungler Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen. Dignitas made sure that Broxah was always in vision so they could prevent any ganks.

The problems for Dignitas started with a fight around the first dragon of the game. Liquid walked away with three important kills that put them comfortably ahead of their opponents. Dignitas didn’t stop there, as the team continued to give away free kills everywhere on the map. Liquid was more than happy to take whatever Dignitas gave them and snowball those advantages.

Liquid’s composition didn’t have initiation tools, so its siege was slow. Dignitas, who were drastically behind in gold and items, had to settle for clearing waves.

Every time Dignitas initiated a fight, Liquid was waiting for them with open arms and loaded guns. Dignitas couldn’t do anything and Liquid took their base slowly but surely.

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