Amouranth makes another big investment ahead of OnlyFans retirement

By Olivia Richman


May 7, 2022

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It’s no surprise at this point to hear that Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has invested inyet another company. With her OnlyFans retirement just around the corner, Amouranth has been pursuing alternative forms of income even more than before.

After announcing her decision to leave adult content behind, Amouranth revealed that she made $1.5 million per month from OnlyFans alone. But that didn’t stop Amouranth from diversifying her portfolio. In the past year, Amouranth has purchased part of a 7-Eleven, a gas station, and a ball pit company.

Amouranth has now announced another big purchase. This time she has invested $338K in S&P Global. She explained the decision on Twitter, stating that it’s the “safest biz around.”

Why did Amouranth invest in S&P Global?

Amouranth has stated in the past that she will retire once her passive income surpasses her active income. These most recent investment seems to be another way to reach this goal.

“I basically plan to grind it out as long and as hard as I can until either it doesn’t make sense anymore, or at some point, the passive income [surpasses] active income,” Amouranth said. “This makes the most sense, this is the way to MAXIMIZE impact. Because passive income will only overtake active income in the scenario that I fall off a lot OR my investments compound to the point of dwarfing anything I do actively.”

Amouranth added at the time that she knows her online popularity is “fleeting.”

What is Amouranth’s Streamer Royale?

Amouranth has also announced her involvement in Streamer Royale, a streamer-focused reality contest on Twitch that features big-name content creators. Many details about the new project remain vague, but Amouranth has confirmed that other big-name streamers will be involved in the new Streamer Royale project.

Amouranth has said in the past that it’s a bit risky for her to leave adult content behind, but so far she seems to have a clear strategy in mind going forward. It’s a strategy based around both traditional investments and new streaming ventures.


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