Call of Duty's Nuketown recreated in Fortnite Creative Mode

Even if you don't play Call of Duty, you've probably heard of Nuketown. 

Now the classic map has been expertly recreated in Fortnite. Built by creative designer "JESGRAN," the CoD-inspired map is available in Fortnite's Creative mode if you plug in the codes. Those codes can be found on JESGRAN's tweet, in which he calls the map a "throwback." 

The tweet also announces that it's not just a perfect recreation of a map, but includes Call of Duty game mode Search and Destroy as well. This CoD staple multiplayer game mode has two teams of four to six players facing off to destroy one of two objectives on the map. They must use a single bomb, similar to Counter-Strike. The alternative winning condition is simply killing all of the enemy players. 

JESGRAN says that other Call of Duty game modes are coming to Nuketown, too. This inludes Gun Game, Hard Point, and Domination. Gun Game has each player receive a new weapon every time they kill an opponent. The player wins when they become the first one to cycle through all the weapons, killing an enemy with the last weapon on the list. 

While these game modes are an exciting addition to Fortnite, the real accomplishment was the accuracy of the Nuketown map. 

JESGRAN's tweet includes a video showing a player running through the map, giving Call of Duty fans an idea of just how true to the original this recreation is. In a series of photos shared by JESGRAN, players can get a good idea of the immense amount of detail put into the Nuketown copycat. 

Here's the original Nuketown map:

Call of Duty Nuketown

Now check out the Nuketown in Fortnite:

Fortnite Nuketown

The maps are nearly identical, down to the vehicles on the street in the center of the map. The buildings are also spot on, from their color and shape to their size and yards. JESGRAN's video also shows the inside of some buildings, which are look quite similar to their original versions. Even the blocked off parts of the map contain the same vehicles and look of the original. 

Fortnite Nuketown isn't only video game crossover

While this reimagining of Nuketown is definitely a one-of-a-kind creation, it's actually quite popular for creative gamers to combine their favorite titles together. 

When Overwatch introduced their Workshop Mode for PC players, many fans started to create game modes inspired by other competitive titles. Blizzard was such a fan of one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-inspired Workshop creation that it was added to their Arcade mode's rotation of games.

Called "Hero Gauntlet," the mode has players change to a different hero every time they get an elimination, following a set order of heroes, similar to Gun Game. 

Other Overwatch players created Workshop modes inspired by fighting games, like Super Smash Bros. and Street Fighter. 

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