Deadly Elder Dragon bug may have returned to ruin Zac and Karthus

Milo W. January 28, 2020

A deadly Elder Dragon bug that disables the post-death passive of several champions may have returned.

The Elder Dragon has become one of the most impactful buffs in League of Legends following the massive preseason update late last year. The drake’s new buff will execute any enemy champion who drops below 20 percent of their maximum health.

When the new buff hit live servers, several bugs occurred. The most significant was one that canceled the post-death passives of a number of champions including Zac, Anivia, and Karthus. If these champions are killed by the bugged Elder Dragon buff, they will die immediately like any other normal champion.

The bug was reportedly fixed with patch 9.24, but it seems it may be making a comeback.

Reddit user u/Waterstealer created a thread on the LoL subreddit where he describes being executed by the Elder Drake as Karthus, and not entering his Death Defied passive state.

“This seems like a big fucking oversight, as it could be the difference between a turnaround ult from passive and nothing,” u/Waterstealer said.

Several users supported the author of the thread’s claim, and described that they’ve experienced the same bug as Karthus. Others in the thread argued since no user was offering video evidence of the glitch, and because Riot Games had previously patched the bug, that u/Waterstealer’s alleged bug may not have transpired. attempted to recreate the bug, to no avail.

Bugs in League of Legends have been popping up more frequently since the preseason began last December. Players have been reporting more in-game crashes and framerate drops, as well as a plethora of other bugs in the League client that range from minor visual errors to match lobbies not loading properly.

Hopefully this deadly Elder Dragon bug hasn’t returned, or else many Karthus mains are about to be in for an irritating surprise.