New 4 Euros 1 Murica roster forms before DreamLeague Leipzig Major

A new and predominantly European team has come together ahead of qualifiers for the DreamLeague Leipzig Major.

4 euros 1 murica has come together on the official Dota 2 major registration page, pulling players from a number of different organizations. The lineup includes a number of veterans that have competed in both Europe and North America:

4 euros 1 murica reunites several Zfreek and Chessie, who played alongside each other on Complexity Gaming for multiple seasons. This seemingly marks the end of Chessie’s time with GODSENT, as Chessie leaves that team alongside Xibbe.

Rounding out the team is Peksu and Madara. Peksu joins following a split away from Team Singularity, which he joined at the start of the season, while Madara once again departs Ad Finem.

The lineup will likely make its debut in the open qualifiers to the DreamLeague Leipzig Major, which begin on November 28.

Can 4 euros 1 murica reach DreamLeague Leipzig Major?

The lineup of 4 euros 1 murica doesn’t have any superstars, but the roster boasts several proven veterans.

Zfreek and Chessie helped Complexity Gaming remain competitive in the North American scene for years despite frequent turnover from 2014 to 2019. Though they haven’t won any won any notable live events or placed higher than sixth at any majors, the duo are a solid foundation to build a team around.

Madara has performed well with a number of different organizations. He is best known for his run with the 2016 Ad Finem team that nearly won the Boston Major, and he has consistently landed on interesting teams in the years since.

Peksu and Xibbe are relatively unproven, with Peksu often landing alongside Madara and Xibbe and spending the bulk of his professional career to this point with The Final Tribe. The pair could be poised for big things in the near future.

But while there is good cause to be interested in 4 euros 1 murica, the team faces incredibly long odds when it comes to qualifying for the DreamLeague Leipzig Major.

Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi’s ex-Team Liquid squad and Team Secret are both set to return after taking the first major cycle off. Past that are solid teams like Alliance, the current Team Liquid roster, and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

If 4 euros 1 murica can explode out of the gate, the team might be able to compete with the likes of Alliance and Ninjas in Pyjamas. At the moment, it’s hard to feel like they have a chance against potential major winners like Secret and the ex-Liquid roster.

The team will likely be forced to work their way through the open qualifiers, which won’t be easy as Europe consistently produces strong national teams that pop up in these qualifiers.

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