Fnatic defeats Misfits and qualifies for EU LCS summer finals

Defending champion Fnatic took down Misfits in the EU LCS semifinals and will travel to Madrid to compete for the summer split title.

Fnatic jumped into game one with Martin “Rekkles” Larsson back on the starting roster. At 14 minutes, Misfits took the tier two turret in the bottom lane, but Fnatic managed to build a gold advantage that couldn’t be ignored. Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau was caught out of position multiple times, but his teammates stepped up to power Fnatic to victory in game one.

Misfits wouldn’t go down without a fight in game two, as Steven “Hans Sama” Liv grew an early advantage with three kills just five minutes into the game. The laning phase was cut short from there as the teams continued to group and fight with Misfits often coming out on top.

This advantage allowed Misfits to secure objectives including a baron buff at 22 minutes. It was enough to break the enemy base and win game two.

Fnatic subbed in Paul “sOAZ” Boyer in the top lane and surprised everyone by picking Vayne in the mid lane against Misfit’s Galio. For most of the game, Vayne was useless, but Rasmus “Caps” Winther eventually farmed the champion into a credible threat.

Confident and armed with a baron buff, Misfits pushed into the Fnatic base where Caps was waiting. His Vayne caught out Hans Sama, and Misfits fell apart without its main source of damage. Fnatic took the opportunity to secure a baron buff and push for the win.

15 minutes into game four, the two teams remained even as early fights hadn’t lended either side a marked advantage. Misfits was able to find picks, but as the game progressed it became obvious that Fnatic was the better scaling team.

Caps was the star once again with a great performance on Leblanc. The mid laner was at the center of the most fights, dealing more damage than anyone else on the rift. With Caps in the driver’s seat, Fnatic won game four and a pass to the grand final.

Fnatic will now look to defend its EU LCS title against FC Schalke 04 in Madrid.

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