3 sneaky Dota 2 ward spots that every support should know

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 25, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The right ward spots will help Dota 2 support players rank up quickly.

The vision game is an extremely important part of Dota 2. Keeping tabs on enemies is just as important as protecting cores as they farm up powerful items.

A great Observer Ward placement can catch a smoke gank or set up the perfect initiation. With deward gold bounties as high as they are, carelessly plopping down wards is a good way to feed the enemy team. It’s all about balancing sneakiness with effectiveness. These three Observer Ward spots offer the best of both worlds.

Watch Roshan and dire jungle with one ward spot

The first ward on the list is meant to cover two important areas while evading detection. This observer goes on top of the staircase connecting the dire jungle to Roshan’s pit. It’s important to put it on the left side of the staircase. This Dota 2 ward spot gives clear vision of the dire jungle while also peeking at the front of Roshan’s Pit. This is obviously most useful on radiant, but it’s a great ward for dire once Roshan becomes an important factor.

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The best part of this ward is that it will be just outside the range of sentry wards placed on the two adjacent ward towers. If the enemy support decides to deep clean their jungle, those will be the first two spots they check. Seasoned support might put it down next to it and use spells to check the tower, but they usually place it to the right to catch the stair connecting jungle to mid. It might lose a little bit of value if Roshan’s Pit moves in patch 7.31, but until then it covers two high-value areas while being difficult to deward.

Peek behind safelane towers to safely siege

This pair of ward spots is practically essential for taking safelane towers. Go behind the enemy tier-one tower in the safe lane and place a ward down near the jungle entrance. These wards are safer to place at night due to reduced tower vision.

Also keep the creep waves’ position in mind to avoid being spotted. These wards come in handy for when it’s time to start applying heavy pressure to towers.

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These wards perform two main functions. The first is that they will catch any rotation or teleports from the enemy team. Anyone coming in to assist will most likely get spotted early. If the enemy knows you have vision here, they will be forced to TP in the trees costing precious time. The second value is that it sets up dives perfectly. Once offlaners get level six, they start to threaten the carry with tower dives. This gives the enemy position one nowhere to run besides the trees.

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This ward spot catches mid ganks and bottom rune

This final Dota 2 ward spot does triple duty as an offensive, defensive, and rune ward. The northmost radiant jungle camp has a small cliff facing the river that’s very difficult to spot. Finding the spot takes a second or two, but that means it will almost never get dewarded. If you’re feeling cheeky, you can even chop down some nearby trees to get vision in the radiant jungle.

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This ward is extremely powerful in the late laning stage. The midlane is a vision nightmare due to the high deward bounty, so keeping tabs on the bottom rune is already valuable. It also catches rotations both to and from the middle lane. On radiant, this ward keeps both the midlaner and carry safe from harm. This ward is a great support trick to add to your arsenal.