3 potential directions that gaming could be heading in

By William Davis


Sep 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

What’s the next big thing in gaming? That’s a question being asked every day by gamers and experts alike, and it’s a tough question to answer.

There are many different areas to look to in trying to answer this question. We’ll break down a few of them that stand out the most.

Virtual Reality

For decades, virtual reality has been seen as the next big thing. Engineers and developers have done their best to drive forward virtual reality and to make it a viable product in the marketplace.

For many years, the belief was that there would be a singular moment in which virtual reality would eclipse other forms of gaming and become the standard. Instead, we’ve seen a much slower progress, with virtual reality finding a solid user base but struggling to penetrate the mainstream.

The technology is one major factor for this. The graphical demands of effective virtual reality are immense, and that requires serious hardware. This hardware demand incurs a greater cost for the consumer, limiting its viability. And with less market viability, fewer developers and publishers are willing to invest the massive resources required to make virtual reality software a priority.

There are still some examples of success in VR, but it may be many years yet before those successes become more consistent.


Competitive gaming has taken many parts of the world by storm. It is an established national phenomenon in South Korea. Many parts of Europe have become hotspots for esports, and inroads have been made in North America as well.

The esports market still has a lot of growing to do relative to the broader gaming marketplace. But the signs are there to show that growth. As younger generations grow up with gaming being a mainstay in their lives, it’s reasonable to expect that competitive gaming will be viewed similarly to traditional professional sports.

Those views are already taking hold among younger demographics, and it’s likely that esports will continue to grow even if there are some occasional controversies that must be navigated.


People love gambling, and that has proven true throughout human history. The rise of gaming has provided gambling operators with new outlets for their business, and it has provided players with new and more convenient ways to participate in gambling and betting.

The increasing prevalence of situs slot online means that players can always find a new way to play. It’s still important that players are responsible in their approach to betting, even when it’s being done online. Fortunately, there are many entities that provide help to those who need it.

Overall, it’s hard to say which of these things will prove most effective in driving the gaming landscape forward into tomorrow and beyond. It could be something else entirely. That’s what makes gaming so exciting. With all of the innovation taking place in the industry, you never know what the next big thing might be.


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