Apex Legends fans livid about Fight or Fright skin prices

Apex Legends’ Fight or Fright Collection Event offers players 24 limited edition cosmetics, but some aren’t too pleased with the cost of these spooky skins.

The Halloween-themed event kicked off October 15 and offers loads of new cosmetics and a new game mode called Shadowfall. The exclusive Legendary skins are available to be crafted using 2,400 in-game crafting materials. If a player doesn’t own that many crafting materials, then they have the option of purchasing a skin using 1,800 Apex Coins which equates to about $20.

Some fans are complaining that the difficulty in farming the necessary crafting materials for these skins essentially forces players to spend money.

“Love how every apex update makes me want to play more and more, and not want to spend money even more and more,” a Reddit user said.

“Those are some spooky prices,” another user said.

Full Fight or Fright Collection Event skin lineup would cost roughly $120

This isn’t the first time fans have been frustrated with the price points of skins for Apex Legends events. The Iron Crown Collection Event sparked a controversy back in August, resulting in a minor public relations gaffe after Apex Legends developers in Respawn Entertainment butted heads with fans on Reddit.

Respawn has worked to avoid repeating history. Fight or Fright’s skins can be purchased directly, unlike the Iron Crown event where players could only obtain these skins by opening randomized loot boxes. Additionally, the event’s Heirloom for Lifeline is free if players can obtain all 24 cosmetics. Bloodhound's Heirloom had to be purchased for 3,500 Apex Coins during the Iron Crown Collection Event, making it cost more than $30.

Though fans can quickly and easily gain every skin for the event, it will cost them a pretty penny. That doesn’t sit well with Apex Legends completionists.

The Fight or Fright event will continue until Nov. 5.

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