Rick Fox accuses Raizada of using drugs to manipulate Echo Fox

Olivia R. October 10, 2019

Soon-to-be former Echo Fox co-owner Rick Fox recently sued the organizaton's investors after the majority voted to oust him from the company they claim he destroyed financially. 

The 162-page lawsuit included claims that the investors, which includes accused racist email sender Amit Raizada, of not only using investor funds for their own benefit, but also for the invasion of privacy and the causing of "significant emotional stress" to Fox.

Oh, and apparently Raizada also manipulated an allegedly drug-addicted Stratton Sclavos to do his bidding if he wanted access to the drugs he so desperately desired. 

According to Daniel Rosen from theScore Esports, the lawsuit makes these bold claims without offering any proof or evidence, and nothing is cited to back up these accusations. 

Fox claims that drugs led to Echo Fox downfall


In an interview with WIN.gg earlier this year, Raizada recalled how he had been approached by Fox in 2015 about getting involved in an esports company. Raizada responded by suggesting they start their own esports organization instead, using Fox as the spokesperson and himself as the financial expert. 

At the time, Fox had done an interview with the Players Tribune where he noted that Raizada had sacrificed "much of his personal life for the benefit of the business."

Well, four years later Fox is telling a different story about that fateful meeting. 

According to the lawsuit, Fox's lawyers state that Raizada "manipulated" Fox during their second meeting, using a recent divorce to make Fox feel bad for him. The lawsuit states that Raizada wanted to use Fox for his "fame and influence." Fox allegedly fell for Raizada's plan. 

Fox also credited Raizada with helping him personally in working on the business of Echo Fox.

"It took time to peel away the layers of lie and deception. But Fox had eventually realized he'd gone to business with two very bad guys, Raizada and Sclavos," the lawsuit reads. 

Apparently, Raizada and Sclavos were manipulating Echo Fox finances behind the scenes, using self-dealing with loans and debts to make money off of the organization. This was something Fox touched upon before in an interview with Dexerto's Richard Lewis. But now, Fox's lawyers are claiming that something even more scandalous was happening at that time. 

Sclavos had sent Echo Fox "into a tailspin" by putting the organization further and further into debt. This was happening thanks to eratic behaviors caused by his "drug-fueled lifestyle." 

To continue this "drug-fueled lifestlye," Sclavos was "indentured" to Raizada, who allegedly even did illegal drugs with Sclavos "in order to build their relationship." This was what led Sclavos to invest in Echo Fox to begin with, claims the lawsuit. 

At one point, Fox lawyer's continue, Sclavos even took out a $2 million loan from Echo Fox's ownership group, Venture Partners, to pay for drugs and parties. He supposedly owed Raizada money, too, which allowed Raizada to further manipulate his fellow investor. 

Again, Fox's lawyers offered no evidence to support these damaging claims. Some see it as Fox desperately grasping at straws as he struggles with the loss of the company he founded. But if the claims are true, Sclavos and Raizada may be in some trouble. 

WIN.gg reached out to Raiada regarding these revelations but hasn't heard back at the time of publication. 

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