DreamKazper breaks silence after sexual misconduct allegations

Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez has finally broken his silence.

The former Boston Uprising DPS player has made his first social media post since being released from the team in 2018 for allegedly soliciting explicit images from a minor.

“I’m truly sorry to the people that were once inspired or looked up to me including past friends, teammates, fan [sic], and also the community as I feel that I have let them all down,” DreamKazper wrote.

In early 2018, DreamKazper was thought of as one of the most promising Western DPS players. He stood out during the early months of competitive Overwatch, playing for Tempo Storm before the formation of OWL. He was signed by the Boston Uprising ahead of the start of the season, and was likely to compete for Team USA during the Overwatch World Cup.

In April 2018, he was released from the Uprising after a series of disturbing allegations.

Multiple underage girls came forward and alleged that DreamKazper solicited nude photographs from them. One also claimed that he had bought a plane ticket for them in order for her to visit him. The screenshots of their conversations were sent to various news outlets.

The league suspended DreamKazper and the Uprising promptly terminated his contract. He was replaced by Stanislav “Mistakes” Danilov, who performed extremely well for the Uprising.

DreamKazper retreated from both social media and competition in the months that followed, waiting over 18 months before speaking.

The apology comes shortly after the start of the roster change period for Overwatch League Season 3, which officially kicked off on September 30. That said, don’t expect to see DreamKazper in the Overwatch League anytime soon. There are plenty of DPS players that don’t have the baggage that he would bring to the table and plenty with more experience on-stage.

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