Dr Disrespect appears on WWE show ahead of SmackDown Fox debut

Dr. Disrespect is looking for somebody and we might just find out who on a pro wrestling show.

The popular streamer made a strange appearance on the October 4 edition of WWE Now, a studio show meant to promote the upcoming debut of WWE SmackDown on the Fox network. During the opening segment of the show, Dr. Disrespect casually strolls on-camera behind hosts Cathy Kelley and Mike Rome and gazes at the Staples Center, which is hosting WWE SmackDown.

When asked what he’s doing on-set, he simply responds “I’m looking for someone.” Intrigued fans can find the video on the WWE’s YouTube channel:

What does this mean? Who is Dr. Disrespect looking for? Will we see him on more WWE programming?

That remains to be seen, but it’s certainly an interesting possibility.

Dr. Disrespect appearing with WWE 


At 6’8” tall, Dr. Disrespect is someone that stands out. That goes double for when he’s wearing his wraparound shades and mullet wig, and that’s not a bad thing for the WWE. The wrestling promotion is on a never-ending journey to promote itself to new demographics, and the company has done so in a number of different ways. One of the most common practices for this is inviting trendy celebrities to appear on-screen or even to take part in the company's shows.

Manchester United player Wayne Rooney slapped performer Wade Barrett in 2015, rapper Machine Gun Kelly was thrown off a stage, and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart once hit John Cena with a chair.

With that in mind, is Dr. Disrespect about to get involved in a WWE program? He previously went back-and-forth on social media with current King of the Ring Baron Corbin and certainly wouldn’t look out of place standing next to him or any other professionial wrestler in a ring.

However, with the SmackDown debut on Fox already packed with appearances and matches, he would hardly be the most notable appearance. The most likely landing spot for him on WWE programming would be on the WWE’s gaming channel Up Up, Down Down, which features a number of WWE wrestlers playing games and occasionally welcoming in celebrity guests.

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