Sleepy leaves Washington Justice, now an OWL free agent

Nikola “sleepy” Andrews announced on Twitter that he will be exploring his options in free agency after spending much of the Overwatch League’s second season with the Washington Justice.

“For the first time since I originally joined Overwatch League with the San Francisco Shock, I am now a free agent and I'm exploring all opportunities,” Sleepy said. “To clarify, my contract with the Washington Justice simply expired and I could still return.”

Sleepy was an early standout in competitive Overwatch, playing with Tempo Storm NA and the Shock’s parent organization, NRG, before the OWL was formed.

Once it was, sleepy spent the entire first season and the first stage of season two with the mighty San Francisco Shock. Sleepy was traded to the Justice before Stage 2 and did not get to take part in the numerous successes that followed, including the eventual victory over the Vancouver Titans in the Season 2 Grand Finals. Instead, he was in Washington on a very bumpy ride.

Washington Justice in a tough spot after multiple departures


The Washington Justice got off to one of the rockiest starts in Overwatch League history, overshadowed only by the historic ineptitude of the Shanghai Dragons during Season 1. The team went 1-6 in Stage 1 and brought in Sleepy in an attempt to reverse course. Instead, those struggles continued as the team finished the season in 17th place with a 8-20 record.

The organization showed some promise towards the end of the season with the emergence of DPS line Ethan “Stratus” Yankel and Corey “Corey” Nigra. Unfortunately, Washington likely won’t be able to capitalize on it as it deals with free agency departures and the mass release of its coaching staff.

According to his tweet, sleepy is open to returning to the Justice. If the Justice can agree to terms with sleepy and fellow free agent Yeonjoon "ArK" Hong, it could be positioned for a solid Season 3. If not, Washington might be headed back to the drawing board.

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