Rick Fox set to be ousted from Echo Fox by company partners

Steven R. September 27, 2019

There is no more “Fox” in Echo Fox.

According to a report by ESPN’s Jacob Wolf, Echo Fox founder and former NBA player Rick Fox is set to be ousted from the esports organization in October. The move comes after over 80% of the company’s limited partners stated in August that he did not act within the best interests of Echo Fox.

The partners also claim that he was negligent, did not properly handle the sale of Echo Fox’s franchise in League of Legends’ LCS, and told unnamed individuals that he would “burn [Echo Fox] to the ground.” The full quote was not given, nor was any further context around it.

A number of signatories were named including the Raizada Group's Ravi Srivastava. Amit Raizada and Fox have been in a public dispute since April, following reports of racist language used by Raizada towards both Fox and another former Echo Fox executive, Jace Hall.

An investigation into the matter by Riot Games ultimately resulted in Echo Fox’s LCS franchise being put up for auction. It was purchased earlier this week by Evil Geniuses.

Future of Echo Fox looks bleak, regardless of Rick Fox status


The dispute between Raizada and Fox has gone on for months and it is clear that there is a great deal of personal animosity there. Despite that, both men agree that Echo Fox is in a bad spot at the moment.

Fox spoke about the state of the company in an interview with Richard Lewis of Dexerto, and Raizada sat down for a lengthy interview with WIN.gg. Both discussed frustration among the partners in the company, substantial debt stemming from Echo Fox’s splashy signings, and disagreements regarding the best way to go about selling the franchise.

According to ESPN, Fox’s time with Echo Fox is set to end on October 21. It is unclear who the company will install as the new general partner, but the odds may be stacked against them.

While Echo Fox previously had an expansive stable of talent in major esports titles, the organization is currently left with just a handful of players spread across battle royales, fighting games, and Madden.