Sneaky reveals new K/DA Akali cosplay before World Championship

Olivia R. September 26, 2019

Cloud9's AD carry Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi isn't only showing off his skills at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship

Just weeks away from competing in League's largest tournament of the year, Sneaky has debuted a jaw droppingly accurate K/DA Akali cosplay. 

Shared on his Twitter, the photographs show Sneaky in a cropped metallic bomber jacket, skin-tight leather pants, and a K/DA cap and mouth mask. Complete with a sexy purple wig, jewelry, and expertly done eye makeup, Sneaky looks exactly like the ninja during her K-pop career. 

Sneaky Akali cosplay Worlds

Akali had joined forces with Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa to create a Korean pop group, K/DA. The League of Legends champions dropped a hit single for Worlds last year, which currently sits at over 265,800,000 views on YouTube. 

Sneaky has used K/DA for cosplay inspiration in the past. Along with his girlfriend, the League of Legends star had done a sexy K/DA photoshoot that saw the two sensually crawing on stage in revealing outfits. Later, Sneaky inspired some of the other C9 players to try out their own K/DA-inspired makeup. Sneaky can be seen in a simpler Akali cosplay in those photographs. 

Sneaky's reasoning behind dressing up as Akali once again was in hopes of not getting one-shot by her during Worlds. 

"Pls enemy team," he tweeted. 

Hopefully Sneaky's cosplay somehow garners him some pity from opponents, because Akali saw a buff in the latest League of Legends patch. Because of her newly increased R damge from 195/420/645 to 225/450/645, the chance of getting one-shotted by an opponent's Akali is way more likely.