PUBG Mobile Lite adds exclusive Golden Woods map, 3 new guns

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Lite has gotten a new update.

Patch 0.14.1 has arrived, bringing a new map, new weapons, a new arcade mode, and a number of performance and gameplay improvements.

The biggest addition is the new, exclusive Golden Woods map. The level is a relatively small one that offers players ample cover behind trees and in buildings. It also lives up to its name with a unique look.

Golden Woods hearkens back to Sanhok, but is better suited to the 60-player gameplay of PUBG Mobile. With it come new mission challenges and the classic off-road UAZ vehicle.

New weapons that have been added with the 0.14.1 Lite update include the PP-19 SMG, QBZ assault rifle, and QBU DMR. The PP-19, also known as the PP-Bizon, requires minimal upgrading and boasts an above-average rate of fire alongside massive ammo capacity. The QBZ and QBU are Sanhok-exclusive in the PC version of the game, with the QBZ functioning similar to the SCAR-L and the QBU offering less recoil than other DMRs.

The lite version has also gotten a new arcade option in Firefight: War Mode, which offers players the opportunity to use the RPG-7 rocket launcher, a weapon usually exclusive to PUBG Mobile’s zombie mode.

PUBG Corporation has also announced the first ranked season of PUBG Mobile Lite, beginning on October 1st. Ranking and rewards will likely function similarly to the standard version of PUBG Mobile, which offers players escalating rewards based on their placement during the season.

Additionally, PUBG Mobile Lite now has a title system. By playing the game, players can earn titles to show off their progress and earn rewards.

The update has also implemented a few bug fixes and improvements.

PUBG Mobile Lite launched this August as a smaller, less resource-intensive version of PUBG Mobile that can run on devices with lower specifications. The game is available in the Google Play Store but only in select regions.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

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