Misfits bench MikyX in favor of Jesiz

After a second half dip in performance in the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split, Misfits are shaking things up.

Misfits have announced that strategic coach Jesse “Jesiz” Le will be starting at support, leaving Mihael “MikyX” Mehle on the bench for the first time this season.

Misfits began the Summer Split with an undefeated first half of play. Since then, the team has struggled to adapt to the new and evolving meta, going 1-3 in its last four games. By bringing Jesiz directly into the game, Misfits hopes to find some stability in the forming EU LCS playoff picture.

Before joining Misfits as a coach, Jesiz was playing support for Fnatic. The veteran has played in three roles professionally and has a Worlds appearance in two of them. Jesiz has also coached in the past, playing a role in the Immortals support staff during his time in North America.

For Misfits, now is the time to figure these things out. A single player swap should not result in a loss against the likes of lesser teams such as H2K, and it should give Jesiz a better individual understanding of MikyX’s position, as well as highlighting any potential problems in team communications in the heat of the moment.

Whether Jesiz’ return to a playing role will be a long-term swap for Misfits has yet to be announced.

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