X-Quest F win Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational in Game for Peace

X-Quest F are the Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational champions. 

Held in Shanghai, the PEGI was the first ever Game for Peace tournament. The Chinese PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds mobile remake has become the country's only version of PUBG, thanks to their growing list of restrictions for the video game industry. This includes no blood or use of the word "death." 

While China's strict video game laws have received criticism from the international community, nobody could deny the success of the game's first tournament. 25 teams from around the world competed in six games, four of which were played in third-person on Erangel, while two were played in first-person on Miramar. 

15 of the teams were from China, and the other 10 teams were from countries all over the world. Competitors included the three PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split finalists from China. One of those teams was X-Quest F, who came in second. 

After the PMCO, the Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational was a chance for redemption. While they had a strong showing in the first two days of the PMCO, they slipped to second place after a couple bad games. Top Esports took the first-place prize.

But X-Quest F more than redeemed themselves at PEGI. They finished the tournament 84 points ahead of the second place team, Top Esports. The team not only made an incredible comeback, but earned $56,800. Each of the top three placing teams were Chinese.

The seven international teams from the PMCO, which included Team Secret and BRK Gaming, didn't see impressive results. The highest placement for any of the PMCO finalists was 16th place, secured by ILLUMINATE The Murder. 

The Chinese teams' ability to dominate other regions most likely points towards the country's experience with the Game for Peace, which is only available in China. While similar to PUBG Mobile, it's likely that some of the small differences between the two titles made a big impact on the competitive tournament. Gamers have noted that the movement in particular is a bit different in Game for Peace than in the original battle royale title that spawned it. 

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