Contender Cup canceled in Oceania and Asia, Epic lacks answers

Epic Games has canceled the Contender Cup in two regions. 

Oceania and Asia were unable to compete due to an issue that was not made clear. As a remedy, Epic announced that the event was canceled for the day while they investigate the issue. The prizes that would have been rewarded this week were also added to next week's Contender Solo Cash Cup instead.  

"We are aware that some players are not able to join the Contender's Cash Cup. We are investigating and we will update you when we have more information," Epic Games tweeted in the morning.

As of this writing, there haven't been any further updates. 

Earlier today, players in North America, Europe, Brazil, and the Middle East began to wonder if the Contender Cup would be canceled this week in their countries as well. Since they carried on normally, it seems that the issue is not within the game itself, and instead has to do with servers in Oceania and Asia. 

The Contender Solo Cash Cup is the first tournament where the Contender division can compete, despite being in the middle tier of the Arena ranks. The Contender Cup is a one-day event each Wednesday, where winners receive $2,500, which is the same as the Champions Cash Cup. It ends on October 2. 

The Champions Cash Cup will take place every Thursday. 

Both Cash Cups are not part of the Fortnite Champion Series. There are no additional stages, and players compete for cash alone, not to compete in any finals events. But winning a few thousand bucks is never a bad thing. 

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