2021 Worlds song released with “Burn It All Down” by PVRIS

Nicholas James • September 29, 00:57

League of Legends’ annual Worlds song has been released, with the 2021 version being entitled “Burn It All Down.”

The song features alternative-pop act PVRIS and is accompanied by an animated video featuring some of League of Legends esports’ most legendary players facing off using the abilities of their iconic champions. The greatest League of Legends showdown of their year begins with Play-Ins on October 5.

The stunning animated video follows in the vein of many Worlds songs before it, bringing the fantastical combat of League into the realm of animation while featuring real-life personalities. Each region gets its time in the spotlight, with its representatives being highlighted in various sequences.

G2 Rekkles faces down newcomer MAD LIONS

The video focuses on the regional leagues and the trials and tribulations of qualifying for Worlds. It boasts appearances from numerous players from major regions such as Rogue’s marksman Steven “Han Sama” Liv, and Top Esports’ top laner Zhuo “Knight” Dong.

ShowMaker steals show for Worlds song

Damwon Kia’s mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su channels Syndra’s dark force

Defending world champions Damwon Kia was a clear focus for the Worlds song, with Heo “ShowMaker” Su taking center stage. Korea retaking the trophy after Fun Plus Phoenix’s previous win and the oncoming rematch had the spotlight. Serving as the central protagonist of the animated romp, Riot Games is hyping up the returning champions. Across from them are Chinese champions EDward Gaming. Eastern League of Legends is set for an incredible showdown this year.

The video is full to the brim with cameos of Worlds attendees past and present. Many can be seen sparring in high-tech facilities and practicing for the tournament. Riot Games’ high-concept interpretation of the Worlds tournament and the preparation for it brings an extra sense of scale to the annual conflict.


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